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I’ve already published a post about the second Budapest Micro event, now it’s the time to announce there will be another one on March 13 at Tűzraktér. The full line-up is available at Come to hear and see the best artists of glitch art and chiptune music. The video below shows a recent performance […]

I’ve recently realized it’s sometimes worth to post a few lines about Hungarian music, so I also created a category for it on this blog.  Since now it’s not the time for complex thoughts to me, I am doing this few line thing with a young Hungarian producer, Yvein Monq (S*10 Records) who released his first […]

Real Retro


This Friday there will be a big “Neighbours party” organised as the closing event for Rükverc Fesztivál. Rükverc was a series of university sessions on the 1989 transitions aspects this fall, they chose to hold the event at Tűzraktér with a retro music remix line-up, discussions with the actors of Neighbours, and also an exhibition […]

I was out to a party at Tűzraktér on Saturday (August 1) with a friend and collegue of mine who had to write an article about the event and asked me to go with him because we haven’t been out together since years. As he knows me well he also supposed that I’d like to […]