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This video is a report I made together with Zsolt Balog on Roma rappers in Budapest. Through the account of four Roma rappers from the District VIII of Budapest we wanted to demonstrate how Roma rap is perceived by them and by the majority. They represent three generations in Roma rap music. Báró started his career in […]

Kaske is the “song of vengeance”. Fókatelep is a Hungarian band, their singer is Annamari Oláh, the other members are well-known musicians from other Hungarian acts such as Korai Öröm and ColorStar. This song is special because Gusztáv Balogh is featured in it, according to Lángoló Gitárok music blog he is considered to be the best […]

Recently, a group of young and creative people travelled to Hétes to make a video about Roma children living there and discussing what it would look like to become popular on TV. Hétes is quite a neglected neighborhood in Ózd city, Northern Hungary. These young kids are rapping about reality TV shows in Hungarian media. They […]

Roma Rally


This video was made by the Foundation of Subjective values in the project We Are Here. The film tells the partly funny, partly sad story of two Roma boys who would like to be rally racers. (The video has English subtitles.)

Just so you know when you are reporting on this case which happened tonight in Budapest at a nightclub called West Balkán. I don’t want my opinion to be heard here but I would like to list some facts and comments which have already appeared on the internet. Among the firsts it was which […]

Of course. I mean to me it seems the shotgun attack against a roma woman and her daughter in Kisléta is of course related to the other attacks committed since last year. The woman died, her daughter has been injured seriously. In november 2008 a 43-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman was killed in Nagycsécs. […]