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“India and Hungary are very close to each other” Almost 900 film scores, 5000 film songs, countless discs — a dizzy amount of work stands behind IlaiyaRaaja. The most wanted composer of the Indian film industry is a relatively frequent guest in Hungary: as friend and as colleague, he is in touch with several Hungarian jazz […]

This post surely will have an update with the whole text translated. I just wanted to show asap this article which was published in the yesterday’s Népszabadság newspaper’s opinion column. I’m quoting now the part that I’m considering very important, and I have to state that I totally agree with the columnist author László Tamás […]

A Hungarian daily newspaper called Népszabadság (actually the one that I write for sometimes) published an article of an old school journalist, Endre Aczél today. The article titled ‘Tentacles of Terror‘ is about the let’s say ‘new’ global terror network Al-Shabaab. In the first part of the text the journalist kind of presents us the […]