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Today I got more bad news than on a normal day. First I read on several news sites that the protest against the silence decree in District VI didn’t work and none of the proposals were accepted during the municipality meeting so the decree is still in force. Bye-bye nightlife of Budapest! The second was […]

A Hungarian daily newspaper called Népszabadság (actually the one that I write for sometimes) published an article of an old school journalist, Endre Aczél today. The article titled ‘Tentacles of Terror‘ is about the let’s say ‘new’ global terror network Al-Shabaab. In the first part of the text the journalist kind of presents us the […]

I guess everybody has seen the video which shows how a spring from Rubens Barichello’s car hit the head of  the Ferrari driver Felipe Massa at Hungaroring in Hungary. He is now at the AEK Hospital (Honvéd) in Budapest which is a military hospital and it seems to be the best in the whole country at […]