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Today the admin for the Slovak and Hungarian get together FB page Štastný nový rok, Slovensko! / Boldog Új Évet Magyarország! published a link to a song which I thought everybody should listen to at least once. To hear Hungarian rap (MC Busa), Slovak rap (Bene) and all summarized in English (MC Sena). The “Happy […]

By 2009 Hungary can proudly announce that the country has a very organized and active slammer society. Slam poetry is a kind of performance poetry which is related to spoken word, and also very close to freestyle rap, cabaret and stand-up comedy. The first so-called Budapest Slam had been centrally organized by cultural institutions in 2006. […]

I got totally inspired by the website whatthetrend, and I’m trying to use my time for updating my blog with interesting topics trending in Hungary now. I’ve just left home, I’m sitting now in a fast food restaurant and I’ve seen on my social networking websites the new topic trend. It’s about our U-20 bronze […]

The video again: Some 24 hours passed away and the video has now 16160 views and the debate turned to English. A Norwegian user asked if Hungarian speak English, mentioned he would like to work in Budapest. Some users restarted the classic discussion in English about how Hungary is boring in the reality, and some […]

I should have written this post about 2 weeks ago ’cause we held the Budapest Pride March on September 5, but I think there are still some people who are interested in the topic and would like to read more about the event. I marched that day, so I can tell what I experienced personally. […]