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Again… Since I posted a year ago a time-lapse video and stated that it was the best. Now the same person has published a new time-lapse video which is way more nicer than the other one. I had tears in my eyes while watching. Budapest is really this beautiful, no lie! Advertisements

I have just found this lovely six-minutes-long video. A group walked around in Budapest and asked people what song they were listening to.

Very sad I didn’t pay close attention and didn’t see that on March 16 Jamie Woon published on YouTube his new music video for the song Lady Luck from the upcoming album. But now I am sharing this sweet video with you which was shot in Budapest. I know it’s funny to read this from […]

After that a Hungarian tech blogger shared two HDR time-lapse videos of Budapest, I started to look for other time-lapse pieces on Youtube, and actually found out that a very talented guy (judging by the works he and his colleagues shared), Péter Dancsó photographed the most beautiful Budapest time-lapse video I’ve ever seen. You can […]

Strange Country


This is at Deák Square in Budapest. This wall as far as I know was the place to lot of urban art projects, now it is a place where everyone can read and comment the Manifesto of National Cooperation, in Hungarian abbreviated to NENYI. Economist’s Eastern Approaches blog wrote about this a week ago: AN […]

Again a video recorded in the traditional, classic, historic center of Budapest.

The vernissage to the exhibition Nappapírok (Sunpapers) of French photographer, Bruno Bourel will be at Rumbach Street Synagogue on July 8 at 6PM. According to the press release, Bourel started to take photos of the Budapest Jewish quarter in the mid-nineties. His works are accompanied by text associations of a young poet and rapper, namely Péter […]