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A friend of mine made this pic. Actually, I met him first at the Budapest Pride march 2 years ago. Somehow it has become a routine to start debating before summer on the late-summer one afternoon long pride march. The question is always: will there be a pride march this year, or not? Yesterday Mandiner […]

I will most probably share a live video here: from the pride march.

I should have written this post about 2 weeks ago ’cause we held the Budapest Pride March on September 5, but I think there are still some people who are interested in the topic and would like to read more about the event. I marched that day, so I can tell what I experienced personally. […]

This Wednesday the number of the audience duplicated. I suppose because the week before Pesti Est, a weekly program guide booklet published an article on Pride Filmnights. I had there some gay friends who invited other gay boys to see something ‘cultural’ concerning ‘their’ topic. I didn’t know the new boys but it seemed they […]