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In this post I will showcase three of my favorite projects which I think demonstrate the “Power of We”. This blog hasn’t been updated for a while but I thought Blog Action Day 2012 was a good reason to write a few lines on what I had done and where in the past couple of […]

The new thing to me with this media law debate was that it was not only politicians, philosophers and whatever academic or journalist intellectuals supporting the campaign for free press but other sort of public persons also spoke up for the issue. It’s a very good thing on the one hand because now we can […]

Tomorrow is a national holiday in Hungary, the anniversary of notable events during the 1848 revolution. That was the first time when Hungarian people went to the streets and rallied for free press for example. Nowadays, when Hungary is involved in many polemics about its media law–and how this law was changed by the pressure […]

Just so you know when you are reporting on this case which happened tonight in Budapest at a nightclub called West Balkán. I don’t want my opinion to be heard here but I would like to list some facts and comments which have already appeared on the internet. Among the firsts it was which […]

A year ago I published a post with an image video of Hungary. Someone in some high position thought using the same director, music from the same group and the same concept would make it again. Sadly the new video turned out being a boring flattery. The concept once was fine and okay with most […]

I haven’t been to the French Institute in Budapest since years, but some 5 years ago there surely was a tag on the wall in front of the building which laconically stated: Paris, c’est la folie Budapest, c’est l’agonie Yesterday, published a news article about an insult against a rabbi who held Passover dinner at […]

“Not everyone is going to pack up now and move to Hungary so that they can be a part of that community. We live here, and this is where we make our home. We are at home here,” says a woman in a newly released film, Incubator about Hungarian who left the country to the […]