Good Morning: The Constitution’s Table


Today I was walking to work at Blaha Square when I saw something that made my day. We have some youth groups who are involved in politics but they are not actually participating in anything seriously. Their most important goal (and role) is to point at those events and decisions in Hungarian politics that are just funny. And how can you not find something ridiculous nowadays?

How could you miss setting up your or the people’s own Table of the Constitution with a pen attached to it with a ribbon in the national tricolor? 
I’m quoting here The Contrarian Hungarian who translated the new regulation which made obligatory to every municipality to set up a room with a table for the new Constitution. (Don’t forget, if you are a Hungarian citizen you can order your copy of the new Constitution at the local municipality.)

Starting on Thursday, September 1, 2011, every municipal council in Hungary must set up a table to display the country’s newly enacted constitution.

The table must be covered by glass, and the constitution on the table must be opened on page 28 (though citizens may browse the document freely, turning it to any one of its pages).  Next to the table, a chair must be set. The table must have its own room. The room must be guarded by an employee who is employed exclusively for tending the table.

Decoration (here there is rule for creativity) and a ribbon in the Hungarian national colors also must be placed in the room. Above the document itself, a sign must be fixed on the wall with the words “AZ ALAPTÖRVÉNY ASZTALA” – “THE CONSTITUTION’S TABLE.” The sign, hopefully more carefully guarded than a different document ordered to be kept on display in government offices and municipalities last year, which ended up being smeared with a deviled egg in one citizen’s effort to protest, must be IN BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.

Update: a friend just told me he saw another table of the Constitution at Móricz Square.

Update 2: Another friend witnessed a table of the Constitution at Széll Kálmán Square (this square has recently been renamed from Moszkva/Moscow Square to Széll Kálmán Sq., some days ago 4K! a youth politics/activist group ‘renamed’ it to Peking Square.)

Update 3: Somebody saw  a table at the Southern Railway Station as well. Have you seen any?


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