Cross-cultural Reality Rap


Recently, a group of young and creative people travelled to Hétes to make a video about Roma children living there and discussing what it would look like to become popular on TV. Hétes is quite a neglected neighborhood in Ózd city, Northern Hungary. These young kids are rapping about reality TV shows in Hungarian media. They look happy, funny and dedicated. But their ordinary lives are far from something that a member of the majority would consider happy and funny. But still you have to live and find happiness in your life…

The situation of the youth changed some years ago when Kriszta Bódis, a documentary director started a summer program which aims to educate the participants through creative activities. She organizes there a camp with social worker, teacher, journalist etc. volunteers, and there they teach the children and often take care about the families. They share their experiences and communicate with the participants of the summer camps on this blog.

This latest video was made by a group of creative people from Budapest and the media/film group of Roma in Hétes. The project was lead by Kriszta Bódis. Sadly, this comes after the rise of ethnic tensions in Northern Hungary. The conflict between Roma and majority communities has been difficult to discuss until now. From now on it sounds like a yes or no question.


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