Jamie Woon’s New Video Was Shot in Budapest


Very sad I didn’t pay close attention and didn’t see that on March 16 Jamie Woon published on YouTube his new music video for the song Lady Luck from the upcoming album. But now I am sharing this sweet video with you which was shot in Budapest.

I know it’s funny to read this from a Jamie Woon fan but I love the video because it is not full of the clichés I frequently mention. You can see him taking the tram and the metro in the city. The shots are more of playing with the lights, with the shapes and the patterns.

I think if I was not from this city I would never be able to find out which Central and Eastern European city this is. I would only know it was Central and Eastern Europe because even in this video they couldn’t make it without having a picture of a Trabant car.

This is what Jamie Woon tweeted after publishing the video:

@Abeano well i can certainly recommend budapest’s network. World class with some lovely 70s colour schemes

To make the ‘I frequently mention’ clear, I am posting this video as well. Also shot in Budapest. It’s Katy Perry’s Firework which starts right away with a shot of Buda Castle. Absolutely touristic.


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