Talking About A Happy and Free Country


The new thing to me with this media law debate was that it was not only politicians, philosophers and whatever academic or journalist intellectuals supporting the campaign for free press but other sort of public persons also spoke up for the issue. It’s a very good thing on the one hand because now we can see that a lot of people feel concerned no matter what their profession is, they would like to support Hungarian media. On the other hand it is indeed very sad. Because it shows there’s less and less limit regarding who feels concerned. It’s more and more citizens saying OK, I had enough.

I couldn’t stand not posting until the the event (the organizers will also provide live stream with Ustream [btw, a Hungarian company!] from the demonstration).

For the ‘Free Press for Hungary’ campaign they had a bunch of Hungarian public persons saying a few words about why they are supporting the campaign. Here is Bori Péterfy, IMHO one of the best singers of our country. I made subtitles for the video so that you can see her talking about why she wouldn’t want her child to be born here… She’s pregnant that’s why it is now an issue for her. (Sorry for translating the child as ‘he’, of course I don’t know if it is a girl or a boy, and in Hungarian we don’t use he/she, and Bori didn’t say anything about that either.)

And now you have to listen to her music!!!


One Response to “Talking About A Happy and Free Country”

  1. 1 bernard de raadt

    it will take many generation to undo what a socialist governement planted (WEED)
    and stole from their rigthfull owners , even normal peopel are converted into robbers

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