What if the Hungarian Guard came?


Just so you know when you are reporting on this case which happened tonight in Budapest at a nightclub called West Balkán. I don’t want my opinion to be heard here but I would like to list some facts and comments which have already appeared on the internet.

Among the firsts it was index.hu which reported that three girls died when partying at this event. The situation which caused their death and lead to a sort of mass hysteria when people had to leave the nightclub is still totally unclear. There is a tweet of a girl stating that the whole thing started because “six gypsies stabbed someone, after that they [the organizers] pushed the already squashed crowd down on the steps (…) I got to know by now that the three girls who were standing next to me, and were later reanimated outside, all of them died”

No media outlet has mentioned this ‘gypsy thing’ yet though people are discussing it all over the Facebook page of West Balkán and on the wall of the event. A lot of people are posting very harsh comments like: the roma will never be in conformity with the Hungarian society, and that no-one should be surprised over who started the stabbing, etc. When I mentioned to someone around me what happened he said “Well, you know what. I would take the knife from those gypsies, kill them with it and then burn them away”.

When coming home and passing through the tram stop at Nyugati tér (in front of West Balkán), still tonight, some 2-3 hours after the evacuation of the nightclub, I overheard a conversation between a young couple. Just quoting one sentence: “What if the Hungarian Guard came over here?”


2 Responses to “What if the Hungarian Guard came?”

  1. 1 Stanislav

    Who are the dead girls and how did the death happen? did anyone receive injuries, possibly by knife?

    • 2 lemarietta

      According to the latest reports the three girls died because of stampede. There were too many people in the club and panic broke out, but no-one knows what caused the panic. Police denied allegations of stabbing.

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