Hungary: World of Potentials and the Other Way Around


A year ago I published a post with an image video of Hungary. Someone in some high position thought using the same director, music from the same group and the same concept would make it again.

Sadly the new video turned out being a boring flattery. The concept once was fine and okay with most of the Hungarians who watched it. But now it’s just too long, too boring, too fake. And releasing it by now is just irritating. Even the first one was painful for some but now it is far more untrue than ever. This is not Hungary. Or it is maybe for tourists spending a weekend in Budapest, or at some countryside winery.

Now the real Hungary is like the following rap video describes: living here tastes like a sour cake. Maybe the piece we are eating has rotten whipped cream on it?

And just for your information the translation of the chorus is: ‘Just tell me Funk [the MC] if we know there’s some trouble up here, why are we sitting so stolidly in the shit? We are crying over how once it was in the past, the drums were rolling like tamtadamtam. Just tell me Funk, if we know there’s trouble up here, why are we uttering it only in a murmur, murmuring silently that I didn’t want this. Why don’t we do something against this, tell me!’

So why?


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