Strange Country



This is at Deák Square in Budapest. This wall as far as I know was the place to lot of urban art projects, now it is a place where everyone can read and comment the Manifesto of National Cooperation, in Hungarian abbreviated to NENYI.

Economist’s Eastern Approaches blog wrote about this a week ago:

AN ORDINANCE published in Hungary’s official gazette on Friday makes it compulsory for this notice to be prominently displayed in most public buildings. The “proclamation,” which must be appropriately framed, regularly cleaned and be at least 50cm by 70cm in size, declares that a “revolution in the polling booths” has taken place.

Talking about revolutionary changes which happened during the elections this year seem sort of propagandistic to me… And I don’t understand those who decided to put the manifesto on every second piece of wall at a central square in Budapest, and in the name of “National Consultation” allowed the citizens to comment on the other side, on a white blank paper. I mean of course real comments are never received like that.

I shared on Flickr some translated comments, e.g. here and here.


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