Party till Mash Comes


I’ve recently realized it’s sometimes worth to post a few lines about Hungarian music, so I also created a category for it on this blog.  Since now it’s not the time for complex thoughts to me, I am doing this few line thing with a young Hungarian producer, Yvein Monq (S*10 Records) who released his first album “Hookers in my Strings” this Monday.  The release party was at Tűzraktér—frequently mentioned here, I see now—with some guest artists performing and also proud parents attending…

I know the fact we had a release party on Monday is a bit surprising. Well, it’s not that unusual because party happens at Tűzraktér every Monday under the name Monday Session (by S*10 Records). Sometimes we are only 20 and after a light chat with friends we find ourselves in bed at midnight, sometimes we are countless in the bigger room and the mash comes… Though Yvein Monq mentioned in the description of his first video this mash phenomenon, I have to admit my “mash” is a bit different than this but the music is highly appreciated.

Yvein Monq’s first video for the song “Growin’ up” is shot by Tamás Ungor, with the beauty of stillness. It’s about baroque, tech, woodcutting and party ’till the mash comes. And a bit about relating to women too…

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