Sculptures from a Little Big Country


I swore to myself I wouldn’t complain, just mention that today I went to the Central European Cultural Institute (CECI) in Budapest to attend a discussion about 1989 in Romania, and they received me with this sentence: “We are sorry, but the discussion is cancelled due to technical problems.” I checked their website ten minutes before I left home (I live some 15 minutes from the institute), and there was nothing about the cancellation. I am disappointed.

So, I thought if I was already there, worth checking the Slovak Institute situated right next to CECI. They have an exhibition of Vladimír Morávek‘s carved wood sculptures till the end of January. And one can take a look at some magazines and brochures promoting Slovakia, now called the “Little Big Country.”

Morávek's sculpture


5 Responses to “Sculptures from a Little Big Country”

  1. 1 sylwiapresley

    I love it! I wonder what they have in Polish Institute now… this statue reminds me of childhood walking tours, and little chapels one would pass at the roadsides…ah…nice!:)

    • 2 lemarietta

      I haven’t been inside the Polish Institute recently, but I’ve seen a poster in their window about the Museum of Modern Arts (Modem) in Debrecen, that there’s an exhibition of Polish paintings from the 80s. 🙂

      • 3 sylwiapresley

        Awesome, thank you!:) btw I saw an add on Szepmuveszeti Muzeum’s current collection on London tube today! I so wanted to go back!!!!
        I will try to twitpic it for you on the way to Paula (I am staying at her place tonight;)) Hugs!

      • 4 lemarietta

        Ok! 🙂 Hugs to Paula!

  2. fantastic sculpture.
    Slovakia does contain to my knowledge some very beautiful religious art

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