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This Friday there will be a big “Neighbours party” organised as the closing event for Rükverc Fesztivál. Rükverc was a series of university sessions on the 1989 transitions aspects this fall, they chose to hold the event at Tűzraktér with a retro music remix line-up, discussions with the actors of Neighbours, and also an exhibition with the objects appearing in the series, etc.

Szomszédok (or Neighbours) is a Hungarian soap opera originally aired from 1987 to 1999. The series’ actors were representing a community of people living in a tower block building on the Buda side of the capital. Don’t imagine a too special thing in terms of film production. The reason why this soap opera is more important and very particular for Hungarian people is that it’s the total and perfect reflection of the Hungarian society around the transition. Still showing and remembering the communist era, but also trying to represent the “democracy arriving” to the country.

I’ve already published a post about a generation born around 1989 mentioning that they started to re-collect the memories of their childhood where apparently a lot of things show that it had been the time of the transition then, basically: having fun in an ambiance fulfilled with political debates and doubts.

I think it was in 2006 when I first saw people at the university wearing T-shirts with Vágási Feri’s — one of the protagonists — face on it. I didn’t know then, but probably that was the first wave of the “Neighbours trend”. It’s not really related to the très à la mode retro fanaticism of the communism, but to something which makes people ironically laugh at how funny had been the time when a whole society first had seen more than one logo of political parties when voting at the elections, or drug addicts appearing in the forest nearby, or the first time experiencing the usage of the internet.

The next video is from the first episode of the series. When Feri and his wife, Jutka are moving into the new apartment in the fantastic tower block building. The blue captions are explanations of some details of the story, because the soap opera was partly aired again to “teach” the audience with captions providing interesting facts. Anyway, it was on air “normally” last year, but somehow the Hungarian public TV channel, mtv (Magyar Televízió) will restart it again by tomorrow. (12:55 PM live stream here)

So if you are interested in coming to the party, check these sites:
Facebook event (almost 600 ppl coming!)

And the flyer of the party:


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