Rally for Dunakeszi Marsh


Citizens of Dunakeszi, activists in environmental protectionism and students rallied on Saturday for the marsh of Dunakeszi. Some weeks ago a debate had broken out among the defenders of the marsh (in Hungarian: láp) and the Auchan supermarket deciding to extend its parking lot on the marsh.

Dunakeszi Marsh

Two organizations, the Live Chain for Hungary (Élőlánc Magyarországért) and the Dunakeszi Peat Pond Environmentalist Foundation (Tőzegtó Környezetvédelmi Alapítvány) started a campaign against the extension of the supermarket, as according to them, the permission for the constructions is based upon an inappropriate statement made by László S. Nagy. The National Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water announced that they had asked László S. Nagy to investigate the application of Auchan (Immochan Hungary) as he was an expert in the topic. By the report of S. Nagy stating that there was no “ex lege” defended natural area concerned in the application, Immochan got the permission to extend their main building and the parking lot to the area of the peat ponds and the marsh.

By 1996, such natural formations as the Dunakeszi marsh and its peat ponds are protected by the law. The two organizations published their open letter to Imre Szabó, the Minister of Environment and Water, asking him to investigate the case, and also a petition was introduced on Saturday for the same reason.

A video from the Saturday rally, Péter Pacsuta, environmental engineer is reciting the statement of László S. Nagy, which was based upon an examination made not in the area of the planned construction, but farther in an area which is not the part of the marsh.

This video is in English with the students of Karinthy AMK Primary School, who decided to put the case of the Dunakeszi marsh in their project. They examined the effect of the urban development on the insects living in the marsh and its peat ponds.

More information in Hungarian:


One Response to “Rally for Dunakeszi Marsh”

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my name. And when I made my referral for my best frind about the demonstration, and that a reporter from NOL took a video about me, he told me, that the world is so little, he probably know you, his name is Mátyás Csiszár.
    Best regards: Peter

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