Slam Poetry in Hungary

By 2009 Hungary can proudly announce that the country has a very organized and active slammer society. Slam poetry is a kind of performance poetry which is related to spoken word, and also very close to freestyle rap, cabaret and stand-up comedy.
The first so-called Budapest Slam had been centrally organized by cultural institutions in 2006. The main organizer of the first two events had been the director to the Budapest Kunsthalle, Zsolt Petrányi. Budapest Slam and Budapest Slam no. 2 (in 2007) had been at Kunsthalle, with singers, poets and rappers performing. In 2009 Radio Tilos had a big slam contest at Budapest Jazz Club, and lately, in November the members of Kőleves slam evenings had another one at Sirály.
After the centrally organized starting events, there have been more and more jams and events organized by those who have not only been dedicated to one field of expression: poetry, music or art grouped into one – but who finally have become a special society of slammers practicing regularly the new style.
These people now hold their events at Kőleves restaurant every month, reading and reciting their poems, and raising new topics for freestyle poetry. English-speaking slammers are also more than welcome to participate in Kőleves club evenings, but also expats living in Budapest organize events for foreigners at Spinoza House. (More info below.)
Slam evenings are regularly organized in Veszprém city, too, and it seems like Zalaegerszeg and Pécs will also join the list of those having slammer societies.
This video shows Id who gained the 4th place at the 1st European Poetry Slam contest.

2 Responses to “Slam Poetry in Hungary”

  1. I just want to say that your blog is still so great. You’re really my single window into Hungary and I couldn’t ask for a better one.

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