Videos Filmed In Budapest


After talking to several foreigners who declared they loved Budapest, I am starting to understand why. Because it’s impressing. But the impressing things were mainly built or planned between the 19th century and the WWI. The structure of the city center, the old and stylish houses… The contemporary architecture should speed up a bit and communicate that it’s existing. I haven’t ever met any tourist who traveled to Budapest to see the modern buildings but to see the “city of knights” which is a total delusion. In architectural respect the city center lives on impressing tourists with an image produced  in the mentioned some 150 years.

I am happy to see start-ups like Artur because they show the capital’s other face which is so modern and colorful, also up-to-date, following the international trends in urban planning and architecture. I suppose even Hungarian citizens are slowly getting used to the new buildings, which means for example, that it hardly comes to their mind to show the tourists The Palace of Arts when crossing the bridges from where it can be seen. It’s really sad that we need so long time to integrate new things to the old and traditional image of the city, that these things are not the parts of our Budapest-perception yet.

But the worst is that the international image is not changing either. The next two videos were filmed in Budapest, in places that you can see on every postcard, in every tourist or city image video.

1. So typical: Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square, Buda Castle

2. Interesting part starts at the second minute. Buda Castle again, Chainbridge, some of the traditional city center. Better in showing a bit of the factory in Csepel which had it’s best times during communism.


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