Kertész Street


This Sunday I ended up buying a Sachertorte at Kertész Street-Király Street corner.

I haven’t walked in Kertész Street for years, and now I had to realize that this street is actually one of my favorites. There you can find anything you need: confectionery, pub, club, coffee shop, wig shop, music shop etc.

We had a really nice weather that day, it was fantastic to see a street like this.

I suppose I can’t exactly depict how I felt walking at the end of October in a shiny street with plants, nice street art pieces of the Two-Tailed Dog Party on the walls, smiley people, the silhouette of a violin under my feet…

A memorial plaque-like street art, remembering the martyrs of the spaceship battle of Ganümédesz in year 3723.

“Nem fog kif” means “It won’t f” [fit].


One Response to “Kertész Street”

  1. Ha ha, great idea – blog about a street. I never saw it before, probably I will start a blog about Fehérvári street 🙂

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