Artur – Architecture


As if someone wants to get know the contemporary architecture in Budapest, then should try this new website: website shows 7 tours that one can do in Budapest by visiting contemporary examples of architecture (buildings built after 1989). I am totally delighted because the website is structured by the Hungarian zooming presentation tool Prezi, which got the World Technology Award in Arts this year. close to Blaha L. Square on Twitpic2dbarcode

And also because it uses so-called QR-codes, or 2-dimensional bar codes that anybody can decode with a mobile phone equipped with a camera and a bar code reader (like this) – and of course with wi-fi access. Because the QR-codes are hiding the link to the website where the informations are about the building in question. I don’t know exactly where are these bar codes placed at the buildings, are they on the wall or where, but I’ll check it later.


One Response to “Artur – Architecture”

  1. Hello,

    QR codes are placed on the entrances of buildings or in the case of a park we tried to place them in visible spots (eg. beginning of walkways, etc.).

    Have fun with the tours!


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