Hungarian or Gypsy?


I got totally inspired by the website whatthetrend, and I’m trying to use my time for updating my blog with interesting topics trending in Hungary now. I’ve just left home, I’m sitting now in a fast food restaurant and I’ve seen on my social networking websites the new topic trend. It’s about our U-20 bronze medal at FIFA World Cup. A very sensitive and important topic, football is considered to be one of the national games, everybody remembers the great player Puskás and hopes that those times will come back again when Hungary will be among the best in football.

The national team arrived back home at midnight and an article about how they were welcomed at Ferihegy airport was published at‘s sport site today. Twitterers and Facebook-users started to debate the article because its author wrote the team was welcomed by Gypsy music. Indeed, he gave the title ‘Cigányzenés éjféli futballköszöntő Ferihegyen’ to the article which means: ‘Midnight football-welcome with Gypsy music at Ferihegy’.

The players were addressed one after the other by István Hajdú B., who played well the role of a presenter too. The supporters equipped with Gypsy musicians cheered heartily everyone, they also sang the national anthem in honor of the team, which lined up on the podium in front of the transit.

Here’s a video about the event in question, everybody can decide if the music they hear in the background, it was Hungarian folk music or Gypsy music.

Update: thanks to Rkit I learned that the song they are singing in the video after Gulácsi’s interview is the folk song ‘Gábor Áron rézágyúja’ which you can hear in this video from 2:38. Shame on me that me that I haven’t realized either that this was a song we used to singing at elementary school, but I suppose it’s worse for the journalist of

Update2.: Today, 19/10/2009, I saw that the title and the quoted part of the article have been changed. Funnily, the author made a fault of spelling instead of  ‘zenés’, they wrote ‘Zenéz éjféli futballköszöntő Ferihegyen‘,  (zenés means musical or with music – ‘Midnight welcome with music at Ferihegy’). It’s not a big surprise as somehow is famous for the faults of spelling, but I would even suppose that this time it was intentional, to distract the attention from the fact that they just took out the word ‘Gypsy’ from the text.

Update3.: I checked the website again 20/10/2009 and the fault has already been corrected. (:


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