Budapest Business Region Video Update


The video again:

Some 24 hours passed away and the video has now 16160 views and the debate turned to English. A Norwegian user asked if Hungarian speak English, mentioned he would like to work in Budapest. Some users restarted the classic discussion in English about how Hungary is boring in the reality, and some restarted the discussions on nationalism, Romania and Transylvania (see: Trianon Treaty). (which really writes about urban legends and their origin) also commented the video, admitting that every country prefers to talk about inventions as their own, while there’s no common agreement about these things. They mentioned the soda water, as that is considered to be the invention of Joseph Priestley and not of Ányos Jedlik. Iván Marinov (posts under the name marinov) added that he liked the last ‘invention’ in the video which is Dobos cake. Here my comment is: me too, I really liked that they enlisted Dobos cake in the video.

N.b. pay attention to that part when the waiter is putting the cake on the plate of the girl. The caramel-slice-top always falls down. If not, then that’s not Dobos. (:

I’m still happy that this video was released, by the way it should be communicated that it’s not only a country/city promotion, but to promote Budapest Business Region cluster. I think this modifies the meaning of the video in a way.

Yesterday I forgot to link the original Balkan Fanatik video. I think it implies the same kind of free and easy happiness as the Get engaged-one.


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