Budapest Business Region Campaign


First watch this video:

This is the campaign video of Budapest Business Region made by István Madarász with the music of Balkan Fanatik. It was uploaded two days ago to Youtube and has some 1500 views, arrived to my Facebook-wall just today which means members of the Hungarian network started to spread it. As I republished it on my wall, right away the same kind of debate started among my friends as among the Youtube-users, that this video is not showing the truth.

The most usually mentioned counterarguments are:

  • life is not this good in Budapest as the video shows
  • soapy and self-flattering
  • bad music
  • why does it use emotional approaches if it’s a business start-up?
  • the video doesn’t show how the financial crisis affected Hungary (and how horrible was the economical situation of the country before EU, and why we had to use international supplies)
  • the video doesn’t show the ugly neighborhoods in Budapest (ugly and scary places and/or ugly and strange/interesting places)
  • one can’t see the political situation and debates going on about gypsies, racism etc.
  • the video doesn’t even show some other important and interesting buildings and places that tourists should see
  • why are they driving in a BMW-car?
  • why do we have to make Budapest similar to other Western-European big cities?
  • the enlisted inventions on the video are kind of old (before 1950) which shows how Hungary is underdeveloped in the most important fields like IT, biotechnology etc.
  • also some of the enlisted inventors are people who migrated from Hungary for some reason

Why did people like the video:

  • nice and catchy
  • feels good to see it as the images are beautiful
  • good music
  • remembers tourists and migrated Hungarians of their beloved city
  • good to see Budapest is similar to other Western-European big cities
  • new informations about Hungarian inventions
  • very good promotional material

This far English-speaking Youtube-users said:

  • “Yay Budapest! I love you to pieces.”
  • “Oh my God, this is amazing. It really captures the advantages of living in Budapest. Oh, how much I miss it!”
  • “Hey, you missed the “coach”. 🙂 I hope I’ll see this on CNN sometime.” (This is my favorite among them.)

What do I think about the cluster and the campaign:

Fortunately, I had the chance to attend some urban planning classes at my university where we discussed the image of Hungary and the image of Budapest as a problematic question in promoting the country since the promoted images aren’t standard but very complex and hard to understand. Too many keywords, slogans and fields appeared when it came to representing our country, these must be reduced to something simple but efficient. A related topic is that Budapest distracts the attention from the other parts of the country. Budapest Business Region reproduces this since they constructed their cluster as a first of all a geographical location: a circle of a 100 kilometer radius with Budapest right in the middle. I think in the long term this can’t be as big harm as it seems but could help the rest of the country by integrating them to a bigger cluster.

As for the emotional promotion techniques of the video and the business cluster, I would say it’s efficient since all of us in Hungary loves or would like to love living here without thinking always about financial and social difficulties. And without debating them. So the video gives some 3 minutes of relaxing, and also shows a positive image of the business start-up which will help the country to get engaged in rethinking ourselves, promotion, investments etc. Which could help, if this video is really too flattering, make the reality similar to the images shown. I think they should soon attach social (citizen, NGO) projects to the cluster, that could help in mounting the new campaigns of Hungary and a new identity for the Hungarian too.

The websites I visited while looking for informations about the cluster, who usually write about PR, business, marketing, architecture and urban planning all welcomed the start-up, used the word: finally!


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