Bootsie Made It To BBE


I’ve just collected some materials to celebrate the release of DJ Bootsie’s album ‘Holidays In The Shade’ at BBE Records in December. If one should say a genre he plays, I think nobody could really find any proper term, so it’s better to use tags and keywords like: hiphop, downtempo, instrumental, rap, folk, jazz, electro, etc…

The EPK of the release. I suggest to read the promo text next to the video. Very funny and sadly, but totally true. A quote: “Theyre strange animals, the Magyars. The Hungarian soul is a strange creature with a dark beauty, an emotional urge towards self pity, depression even. They are always late, they miss their opportunities, they laugh with tears of bitter happiness. How symbolic: regardless of regimes, all hungarian bank notes of the past 150 years bear images of emblematic heroes in local history who all failed. Hungarians do not live on the sunny side of life. History has beaten the hell out of their collective psyche theyve been defeated by the Tatars, the Turks, the Habsburgs and the Soviets – yet they still hold their heads up high.”

And an audio preview of the album here.

And an ‘oldie’.


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