Things Are Drawing To A Crisis


I actually stole the title of this post from an exhibition of this summer at Ludwig Museum in Budapest. The exhibition presented photos from the beginning of the 20th century, life during the world’s first global economic crisis in the USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Hungary. I think the English title of the exhibition describes better the situation showed on the photos than the Hungarian one, because in Hungarian it was called ‘Válságjelek’ which means ‘Signs Of Crisis’. I don’t think that Signs Of Crisis implies totally the same as ‘Things Are Drawing To A Crisis’. In English it’s a declarative sentence with a meaning that invokes the feeling of fear.

These photos below were taken at a normal workplace this Friday. An ordinary office building in Budapest. That was the day when these posters appeared in every bathroom accompanied by big anti-bacterial hand gel containers on every floor (5-storey building) right next to the door of the elevator.

Since the text on the paper, the instructions of washing hands and blowing nose were prepared from the materials of the National Health Service. A question: does the Hungarian version of NHS need the help of the United Kingdom’s health service to find out how to show Hungarian people how to wash their hands properly? Another question: doesn’t Hungarian people know how to blow their nose?

If I have to talk about myself, I think I always followed this method shown on the poster. And I also knew that after arriving home, before using the toilet or starting to eat, it’s a bit better to wash hands with soap because our environment, I mean the city we use is not the cleanest thing in the world. Considering especially the fact that the seats and the handrails of any public transport mean aren’t cleaned (not even with anti-bacterial disinfectant) so frequently. An example: by taking night buses I also learnt that people sometimes do puke on the bus, but also daytime they do it on the tram or even on the metro. Shit happens. Always wash your hands.

A normal level of awareness is okay. I also take a small container of anti-bac gel with me when I’m in the city, just in case if I don’t have any place to wash hands. But I don’t think I would use it every time when I step in and out of an elevator. Some say bringing these small containers with me is also more than enough.

I know we are afraid of swine flu pandemic. But this much?


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