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I am totally overrun by the fact how much we trust the malfunctioning systems we use, because we consider them the best that can exist. I suppose it’s not a specific Hungarian problem, but this post is inspired by things that happened in Hungary. Yesterday, somehow in a group of people at a bar I […]

Kertész Street


This Sunday I ended up buying a Sachertorte at Kertész Street-Király Street corner. I haven’t walked in Kertész Street for years, and now I had to realize that this street is actually one of my favorites. There you can find anything you need: confectionery, pub, club, coffee shop, wig shop, music shop etc. We had a really […]

Tomorrow will be the national holiday of the 1956 Revolution. Some articles have already debated if there would be any kind of riot this year, because since 2006 each national holiday was a potential source of danger, the political situation was so tense, that I don’t really believe Hungarian authorities were ever able to guess in […]

Try Again


Seems like this was the time to restart the campaign of bringing the Olympic Games to Budapest. Not so long after the decision about the 2016 games, that the host will be Brazil, Hungarian would like to try again. A video for the next, 2020 Olympics has been published on Youtube.

As if someone wants to get know the contemporary architecture in Budapest, then should try this new website: This website shows 7 tours that one can do in Budapest by visiting contemporary examples of architecture (buildings built after 1989). I am totally delighted because the website is structured by the Hungarian zooming presentation tool […]

I got totally inspired by the website whatthetrend, and I’m trying to use my time for updating my blog with interesting topics trending in Hungary now. I’ve just left home, I’m sitting now in a fast food restaurant and I’ve seen on my social networking websites the new topic trend. It’s about our U-20 bronze […]

The video again: Some 24 hours passed away and the video has now 16160 views and the debate turned to English. A Norwegian user asked if Hungarian speak English, mentioned he would like to work in Budapest. Some users restarted the classic discussion in English about how Hungary is boring in the reality, and some […]