Only Felonious Acts Can Be Punished


This post surely will have an update with the whole text translated. I just wanted to show asap this article which was published in the yesterday’s Népszabadság newspaper’s opinion column. I’m quoting now the part that I’m considering very important, and I have to state that I totally agree with the columnist author László Tamás Papp.

And enjoy my own illustration to the article. I took this photo today at Kálvin Square, Budapest. It’s a parking machine decorated with a swastika and the word ‘cigány’ which means ‘Gypsy’ in Hungarian.

“Because ideas (can) lead not straight, but through many transcripts, bypaths, bypasses, dead-ends, individual routers and turnouts to acts. The thesis of ‘fascist criminality’ is eventually the adaptation of gateway drug theory. Smoking one joint is the straight way to heroine, saying once kike is the overture to death camp/serial murder. Sure enough that reality is much more complex. Thence racists are narrow-minded, we still have to regard them broadbandly. The fact that some of them are man of action can’t be extrapolated to everybody by collective criminality theory. One who’s liable to violence or to fire up can’t be locked up to jail just because he has better chances to commit assault and battery than the average. As the ideas and their followers can’t be locked up either. And no murderer should be allowed to allude to that ‘Please, I took action by the hypnotic dictate of the evil idea’s propagator’ as an extenuating circumstance. Shucks. The individual responsibility is a paramount principle of law in a democracy. Felonious ideas can’t be chased, but the felonious acts and the incitement to them can be.”


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