Underground Party


I’m not so into metro stations and metro line constructions but for me this was the first time to see how does the station look like before they start drilling the tunnel. I don’t really know how but the organizers of this event called Art Station (AS1, so probably there’ll be more) and/or Urban Art Jam got the permission to hold a graffiti and extreme sports competition 25 meters down (somebody said it was 50, idk) in the actual metro station (Köztársaság tér).

On this video you can see how the basement looked like before urban artists started to work:

I went down on the stairs which were the scaffolds normally used by the workers. The event started at 2 PM but after a while like around 4 PM there were more and more people who kicked up the dust of cement so I started to feel uncomfortable, and I suppose this thing wasn’t so healthy for the sportsmen there. Anyways, the whole idea is cool, really, I appreciate it(!!!) and not everybody’s scared of heights as me, so probably there were more who enjoyed the iron scaffolds and didn’t pay attention to the dust in the air… Shame on me for my fault-finding.

This is my short video of ‘Art Station’. I think when the construction (which is interrupted now because of financial reasons) will go on they’ll just repaint the graffitis since they should do the painting anyways, so it doesn’t matter for what the metro stop is used now. After the competitions Hungarian rappers gave some concerts but everybody said that the acoustics of the basement just verified the fact that a metro station is not the proper place for concerts, but who cares…

We’re now using metro line 4 somehow, since we cannot use it otherwise so far.

And this is an example for Hungarian rap music:


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