Protest Against Silence Decree In Budapest


This Monday we had a protest against the silence decree which came into force by September 1 in District VI. Here you can find the article that was posted on Global Voices Online, so I don’t really want to explain the situation now. Mainly the conflict came out from the silence decree which requires every entertainment outlet, restaurant and 24-hour-shop in the district to close at 10 PM. This means that the nightlife of this central district has actually been killed. One of the best things in our capital is that we can go out to party until morning, and buy food anytime in 24-hour-shops (there’s also a new tendency, we have more and more 24-hour-greengrocers).

So we had this protest in front of the mayor’s office, the organizers were owners of the mentioned outlets and people who wanted to support the famous Budapest nightlife. Protesters were holding colorful balloons, and on the balloons they wrote the name of their favorite bar/pub/etc. I saw a lot of names, but some of those I remember: Instant, Kuplung, Morrison’s, Sirály, Szimpla, Szilvuplé Varieté, Piaf.

After the speeches (e.g. Lady Dömper, owner of Alterego Bar), organizers and Gábor Lévai of Takarodó.com gave in a petition and some proposals at the mayor’s office. Takarodó (‘sack time’) group is a very nice startup because they try to conciliate the interests of inhabitants, ‘party people’ and the municipality.

The protest ended by singing a famous Hungarian song from the beginning of the nineties ‘Zene nélkül mit érek én?’ (‘What Am I Worth Without Music?’) of Péter Máté. I really liked this part of the event, we got small papers with the lyrics (just in case) and we were singing together. Afterwards the balloons were released.

The owners of the bars promised to fight for our rights to party until the end. Now every bar has to close at latest at 1 AM. Some bars have this new habit that they turn the lights off at 10 PM for a few minutes to remind people that they’re having fun in a district where nightlife was forced to stop unimaginably (!!!) early and then turn the lights back on until 1 o’clock. I really can’t remember any party where I went before 10. People start to prepare themselves for going out around 8 PM, then maybe meet somewhere (or at someone’s place) for a beer and then head to the actual concert or party.


4 Responses to “Protest Against Silence Decree In Budapest”

  1. having a regular nightlife can make your life a very colorful one, i enjoy having nigh outs :–

  1. 1 Hungary: Another Silence Decree Blows a Gasket :: Elites TV
  2. 2 Global Voices Online » Hungary: Pro-Nightlife Rally; Art Station
  3. 3 Music News from the World « Koppantó

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