Life After Sunrise


Today I got more bad news than on a normal day. First I read on several news sites that the protest against the silence decree in District VI didn’t work and none of the proposals were accepted during the municipality meeting so the decree is still in force. Bye-bye nightlife of Budapest!

The second was that my (let’s say) favorite political TV show is ceased from tomorrow. Napkelte (‘Sunrise’) was on air everyday from 5.50 AM till 9.00.  This was the main live political talk show in the morning. I have to admit that the journalists and the whole show never could really work without fear or favor because Napkelte was the show of the Hungarian Public TV (shortly: money from taxes – decision about financial support by government) . I think some three years ago the members of Fidesz (a right wing party) decided not to give interviews anymore in this partial environment (government with left wing and liberal majority since 2006) where they always felt overrun by the reporters.

The editor-in-chief announced that they’d like to continue their work tomorrow and they’ll have a few words concerning the new show which will replace Napkelte and will (ofc) cost much more less for the public TV. I can’t believe that every public media and traditional press companies in Hungary are in a so bad financial situation that they are trying to use all of their energies to skimp enough money for even surviving! But that’s the point…

A video which lists some headlines and opening themes of Napkelte from the beginning:

And the next video shows the shame and the sign of total decadence this year when Gábor Vona, the chairman of Jobbik, the extreme right wing party of Hungary starts a fight with the reporter János Betlen. The journalist asked Gábor Vona about the Rudolf Hess memorial march which was pretty debated that time because leftists and liberals felt really ashamed by the fact that Nazis want to use the streets of the city for anything while we are the members of the European Union where no state should let this happen.

So Betlen’s trying to put a question about the relation between the supporters of Jobbik and the supporters of the memorial march but Vona interrupts him by saying that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that every time he comes to the show he’s asked about ’44 and Holocaust. He’s saying: ‘Mr Betlen, if you are so concerned and excited about the Jewish question then move to Israel. There you can deal with the question day and night, but this is Hungary, I am the chairman of a Hungarian party so let me deal with Hungary and Hungarian affairs.’

On one hand I understand that he had enough but on the other hand: how can anybody talk like that on TV, live and direct? And how could this old school journalist be so stupid that he actually started a discussion on this? And how could the editors be also so stupid that they didn’t start a commercial and didn’t interrupt the whole thing? Why did they let the show go on until the participants finally said goodbye?


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