Mitsoura In Concert


On Saturday I attended the concert of the ensemble Mitsoura on A38 ship. The group is organized around the famous Hungarian Roma singer Mónika Juhász Miczura. This video shows one of my favorite songs of them. They’re mixing very well the elements of world and folk music, electro, industrial etc.

I was shocked because I have never seen them live before and somehow I had imagined Mónika Miczura before as somebody more proud of her special and acknowledged voice but she was very shy and every time when she didn’t sing, she just stood at the edge of the stage so we could see better the members of the ensemble. Great musicians of course!

Indeed, first I felt her too shy and remote, but when she was singing a very sad song Me Na Szom (I haven’t found it on Youtube but it’s from the album ‘Mitsoura’) all of a sudden I started to feel(!) that probably she was acting like this because if she had let all of her energies appear in her performance then an indescribable storm would come. And all of a sudden she started to cry. She was singing and she was crying. That shocked me, I was standing in the first row just right in front of her and I almost started to cry too. Afterwards I thought this wasn’t a so unique occasion because the members of the group didn’t stop playing and didn’t run to console her, they just asked after the song if she was okay and then everything went on.

This woman sings from the heart. She deserves being idolized.


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