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This post surely will have an update with the whole text translated. I just wanted to show asap this article which was published in the yesterday’s Népszabadság newspaper’s opinion column. I’m quoting now the part that I’m considering very important, and I have to state that I totally agree with the columnist author László Tamás […]

Probably, it was only me feeling like closed, indeed locked into some kind of Hungarian reality where the other countries surrounding seemed to be giant, dark and mean monsters. I hope that it was only me. I still feel ashamed by that when I first went to Romania all by myself, my mother and some […]

I’m not so into metro stations and metro line constructions but for me this was the first time to see how does the station look like before they start drilling the tunnel. I don’t really know how but the organizers of this event called Art Station (AS1, so probably there’ll be more) and/or Urban Art […]

Today I got more bad news than on a normal day. First I read on several news sites that the protest against the silence decree in District VI didn’t work and none of the proposals were accepted during the municipality meeting so the decree is still in force. Bye-bye nightlife of Budapest! The second was […]

This Monday we had a protest against the silence decree which came into force by September 1 in District VI. Here you can find the article that was posted on Global Voices Online, so I don’t really want to explain the situation now. Mainly the conflict came out from the silence decree which requires every […]

On Saturday I attended the concert of the ensemble Mitsoura on A38 ship. The group is organized around the famous Hungarian Roma singer Mónika Juhász Miczura. This video shows one of my favorite songs of them. They’re mixing very well the elements of world and folk music, electro, industrial etc. I was shocked because I have never […]

I’ve taken this photo and shot the video at Örs vezér tere which is the end of the red metro line (aka Line 2) in Budapest. Now they’re using the new metro cars to take building materials here and there for the construction of the new line which has the number 4 and the color […]