Facing The Old School


A Hungarian daily newspaper called Népszabadság (actually the one that I write for sometimes) published an article of an old school journalist, Endre Aczél today. The article titled ‘Tentacles of Terror‘ is about the let’s say ‘new’ global terror network Al-Shabaab. In the first part of the text the journalist kind of presents us the situation, as he was the teacher who asked the students who had already heard about Al-Shabaab, guys? Nobody, huh? (I had teachers like that at the university.)

And then no answer to the students who never-ever heard about Al-Shabaab because there’s not enough place in the newspaper to explain the details (newspapers are like that, some teachers are like that) just to express the stance. As it is the ‘Stance’ column (opinion and editorials) of the newspaper nobody has to specify the topic just tell his/her opinion (stance) on somewhat.

So does Endre Aczél. For him it’s enough to write something that suggests Al-Shabaab is the same thing as Al-Quaeda, young Somalian who can’t cope with their immigrant identity and find handrail at Islam religion, especially in its radical terrorist networks. Both drug addicts and immigrants who support the thought of taking a vengeance on Australia that sent troops to Afghanistan. The journalist recites these as explanations of terrorist acts but as he puts it:

To explain everything is the same as to forgive everything. I think any number of logical explanation accounting for terror can offer itself, all is just for verifying it in some way. Though they shouldn’t. By the experiences with Taliban, Pakistani, Iranian, Sudanian, Somalian, indeed North African, the Western civilisation should mobilize every defense means, instinct and reflex to face orthodox Islam gaining ground with its punishing expeditions, pushing women to second-rank, in a wider sense islamising the half world. The main thing to beware of is that orthodox cultural traditions would be accepted in any form in countries where the order of law has been ruled by the enlightment since centuries.

This enlighted cultural tradition of Endre Aczél facing Islam comes out with the same orthodox stance on this topic that he recites, just from the opposite side. I am just wondering if somebody has written a book about this. Something Edward W. Said or who…


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