Budapest Micro 2


I was out to a party at Tűzraktér on Saturday (August 1) with a friend and collegue of mine who had to write an article about the event and asked me to go with him because we haven’t been out together since years. As he knows me well he also supposed that I’d like to write a post here because the concert was a good example of understanding art via information theory as Umberto Eco wrote it in his book the Open Work. And actually I am a fan of the idea that we can discover new views by generating disorder and finding out a new code to get information so that we make a new order.

Áron Birtalan also known as Failotron

While my friend was making an interview with the chief organizer I was listening with both ears because I wanted to know if the people who create this music are conscious about what they are doing. I asked the organizer, Áron Birtalan if this music defined ‘chiptune‘ is close to idm (intelligent dance music) because when we first had entered the concert hall to me it seemed it was some kind of idm. He said of course it’s very close and artists like Venetian Snares or Aphex Twin gave a try to chiptune at the beginning of their carreer and still use some criteria of it.

Then I came out with my beloved topic and asked Áron if the musicians were conscious about that they are following the experimental music school of the sixties-seventies-eighties, for example György Ligeti who was a significant composer of the new wave then. I think he was a bit annoyed by the question. He told these composers of chiptune are mostly people who studied music so they had to meet these theories during their studies at least. And chiptune itself derives from the eighties.

As for the party/concert I really liked it. There aren’t so many places in Budapest where you can enjoy this ‘intelligent love’ as I used to refer music dealing with experimenting musical disorder as idm, breakcore, chiptune, glitch and so on. Listen to the lineup here.


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