Pride Filmnights Update


This Wednesday the number of the audience duplicated. I suppose because the week before Pesti Est, a weekly program guide booklet published an article on Pride Filmnights. I had there some gay friends who invited other gay boys to see something ‘cultural’ concerning ‘their’ topic. I didn’t know the new boys but it seemed they found the film (Shinjuku Boys) boring. I think some people just don’t need the discourse. It’s not obligatory to be involved in the discourse of sexuality, diversity or anything else which is somehow an unsolved question of the society. Some just don’t want to always declare the fact that they are the part of the unordered discourse.

But for those who like to be involved, the 14th Budapest Pride will be held September 5 as one of the closing events of the LGBT Film and Cultural Festival

They expect not only the members of LGBT minority to come, but everyone who is engaged to protecting human rights. (Read on.)

I think it’s totally understandable that until the time when human rights will be evident to everybody we must hold these events and reflect unequality problems. Generating discourse is a good way to know what the others think and maybe people who were uninterested become in a way interested.

I know a very nice discourse generator called Ivri Lider from Israel. He is a well-known singer you may know from the movie The Bubble as the composer of the soundtrack and the same for Yossi&Jagger from the same director (Eytan Fox).  I recommend his very cute English song titled Jesse dealing with gay-love topic. (Ivri is an out-and-proud gay.) But to be honest I prefer when he sings in Hebrew.

For example Hozer Elay (חוזר אליי – Coming back to me)

I almost forgot to write that next week (August 5) the Pride Filmnights’ screening will be at CAFE VIS MAJOR, Budapest, Szent István krt. 2 (entrance from Pozsonyi St.)
Film: The Other Side of Istanbul, Director: Döndü Kiliç


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