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Today from 17:30 to 18:00 the supporters, organizers of Hungarian Crtical Mass and other kind of bikers will hold a rally for the bicycle lane of Margaret Bridge which recently has been cancelled from the reconstruction plans of the bridge. Please take a bike and ride to the bridge if you can. Map And Reconstruction […]

A Hungarian daily newspaper called Népszabadság (actually the one that I write for sometimes) published an article of an old school journalist, Endre Aczél today. The article titled ‘Tentacles of Terror‘ is about the let’s say ‘new’ global terror network Al-Shabaab. In the first part of the text the journalist kind of presents us the […]

Of course. I mean to me it seems the shotgun attack against a roma woman and her daughter in Kisléta is of course related to the other attacks committed since last year. The woman died, her daughter has been injured seriously. In november 2008 a 43-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman was killed in Nagycsécs. […]

I was out to a party at Tűzraktér on Saturday (August 1) with a friend and collegue of mine who had to write an article about the event and asked me to go with him because we haven’t been out together since years. As he knows me well he also supposed that I’d like to […]

I found today that a new video about the Budapest Pride March of last year has been published via the webiste of LGBT Film and Cultural Festival. Two minutes later I read an article reporting that yesterday night a man opened fire in a LGBT center in Tel Aviv. A gunman shot dead two people […]

This Wednesday the number of the audience duplicated. I suppose because the week before Pesti Est, a weekly program guide booklet published an article on Pride Filmnights. I had there some gay friends who invited other gay boys to see something ‘cultural’ concerning ‘their’ topic. I didn’t know the new boys but it seemed they […]