Hungarian Health Care and F1


I guess everybody has seen the video which shows how a spring from Rubens Barichello’s car hit the head of  the Ferrari driver Felipe Massa at Hungaroring in Hungary. He is now at the AEK Hospital (Honvéd) in Budapest which is a military hospital and it seems to be the best in the whole country at the moment. Last year my brother was there and when I visited him I was shocked by the spectacle. I mean when I last was at a hospital it was very spooky and I was scared to be operated so I just didn’t go back the next day. I don’t want to tell where it was because that would hurt the hospital’s reputation. But so AEK Hospital is the one that you see in USA tv-series, totally modern, everything arranged, everybody is caring and helpful.

Yesterday Péter Bazsó the medical director of AEK was present in a Hungarian morning talk show program Napkelte (Sunrise). Before that the program had a politician guest talking about the bad condition of Hungarian hospitals and generally the stringency of Hungarian health care. They were representing the current situation as a kind of triumph that even if we have so bad conditions we have at least one representative hospital. Péter Bazsó confirmed that the family of Felipe Massa and also his team was content with the Hungarian health care and they don’t want to take him to Paris as the gossips said. They will wait in Budapest the 10 days that must be expired till the recruitment of Massa, so he can leave the hospital.

I was really surprised when Péter Bazsó said that he feels a bit sad too because it’s only about that they are a quite new hospital (totally rebuilt 3 years ago) and that their ‘spectacle’ is very nice which other, poorer hospitals don’t have so they don’t have the chance to show their professionality.

So… At least one has.


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