Second generation immigrants


Second generation immigrants’ (from Vietnam) conversation.

Red River in Hanoi
Red River in Hanoi photo from

Me helping my 12-year-old sister who is playing w online quizzes.

‘Which river flows through Ha Noi the Yellow or the Red?’

‘Hm. Maybe the Red? Or the Yellow? Let’s say the Yellow!’

‘… It was the Red river.’

My mother (actually my father is Vietnamese but my Hungarian mother is more sensitive to cultural exchange)  had been listening to this song all my childhood. I never understood a word from the lyrics. When I was in my 1st year at the university I had some Vietnamese lessons so I learned that Que Huong means ‘Our Homeland’ and thanks to Chau a Vietnamese girl that I got know at the 40th Chemistry Olympiad in Budapest I know now what is the song about. Once I will translate it to Hungarian but now I don’t feel myself enough to do it.

If somebody has the version performed by Trung Duc, please write me a message!

Que huong la chum khe ngot—————-Country is sweet starfruit bunches
Cho con treo hai moi ngay——————–For you climb and pluck everyday
Que huong la duong di hoc——————-Country is the way go to school
Con ve rop buom vang bay——————–You go while yellow butterflies fly

Que huong la con dieu biec——————Country is a blue kite
Tuoi tho con tha tren dong——————–The childhood you fly it above the field
Que huong la con do nho———————-Country is a small boat
Em dem khua nuoc ven song.—————Peacefully flows by the river.

Que huong la cau tre nho———————Country is a small bamboo bridge
Me ve non la nghieng che———————Mom is back with a titled ‘non la’ (leaf hat)
Que huong la dem trang to——————-Country is a bright moon night
Hoa cau rung trang ngoai them.————White ‘cau’ flowers drop in varenda floor.

Que huong moi nguoi chi mot—————Country-each person has only one
Nhu la chi mot me thoi————————-As having only a mother
Que huong neu ai khong nho—————-Country-if someone does not remember
Se khong lon noi thanh nguoi.—————Will not grow up ( to an adult or a good person, perhaps! )

(Sorry for the accents missing in the Vnese lyrics.)


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