Civil Society Forum in Bratislava


I am always restarting this blog. Now I try to restart with recommending an event which will take place in Bratislava this September.

The Civil Society Forum is organized by The Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe discussing topics that are important for citizens concerned about their society. As I am planning to attend the event I proposed a topic to be debated during the informal session September 17. My proposal is about Privacy and Legal Regulation in Central and Eastern Europe. This topic is actually very complex because it covers not only the rights of privacy but the communication laws too. Freedom of speech and censoring civil organisations’ issues are sometimes too close to each other. I feel concerned about that if the requirements of internet users are not stated in time then central regulations will be done and afterwards it will be very hard to change anything.

I set out this to start the discussion:

What are the rights of an ordinary internet user or what should be?

Discussion on the actual situation of communication laws in the region. Is it still possible that the community tell what should be the legal regulations of communication via internet, or is it too late to tell our states what information is to be censored and what is to be shared?


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