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I guess everybody has seen the video which shows how a spring from Rubens Barichello’s car hit the head of  the Ferrari driver Felipe Massa at Hungaroring in Hungary. He is now at the AEK Hospital (Honvéd) in Budapest which is a military hospital and it seems to be the best in the whole country at […]

Second generation immigrants’ (from Vietnam) conversation. Red River in Hanoi photo from Me helping my 12-year-old sister who is playing w online quizzes. ‘Which river flows through Ha Noi the Yellow or the Red?’ ‘Hm. Maybe the Red? Or the Yellow? Let’s say the Yellow!’ ‘… It was the Red river.’ My mother (actually my […]

Book story 1.


I suppose I will write more posts about books so to start somehow first I am writing about my relation to books. Not so long ago I’ve given up believing that books are special links among people because they are not more special than a bar of chocolate, a favourite movie or a preferred brand of […]

Next week the pride filmnights organized by the Rainbow Mission Foundation and the Open Society Archives continues with the screening of Shinjuku Boys which is a documentary on Japanese cross-dressers, transgendered. The aim of the screenings  should be some kind of preparation for the LGBT Pride Week at the end of August but even if […]

I am always restarting this blog. Now I try to restart with recommending an event which will take place in Bratislava this September. The Civil Society Forum is organized by The Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe discussing topics that are important for citizens concerned about their society. As I am planning […]